Who We are

Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra is a voluntary organization was established in 1988 and is registered and recognized as secular and non profit, non-government organization.


  • registered and recognized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
  • registered with National Trust Government of India.
  • selected as Teleconferencing site by RCI New-Delhi.
  • state Award for outstanding work in the field of Rehabilitation.
  • registered with Arunim Association for Rehabilitation under National Trust initiatives of Marketing.

Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra a school for the education, vocational training and Rehabilitation of children wih Intellectual And Development Disabilities has completed 31 glorious years in service of children with special needs. We are working to bring children to mainstream level as far as possible by providing education, vpcational training and self employement by developing upon their skills and their levels. We strongly believe that poverty and disability does not come in the way of realizing one’s latent potential, what is required is proper access to education and opportunity. We at Navjyoti Manovikas are striving to empower intellectual disable children with comprehensive education, life skills vocational training and work opportunities so that they are able to lead a quality life with respect and dignity.

Over our long journey of 31 years, many children and their families have benefited through our efforts. The impact of our intervention is visible in children and families. It is gratifying to see them all changing for the better. There is lot more to be done for them and many more children to be brought into the ambit.

Intellectual Disability present at birth or acquired early in childhood due to injury or disease, affects and slows down normal intellectual development. In more severe cases, this developmental delay could lead to difficulty in performing even simple tasks although the extent of this varies considerably.

What we need to know is that children and adults with intellectual disability :

  • Can Learn (need appropriate schooling)
  • Can work
  • Need opportunity to build their strengths
  • Have the same human needs & emotions
  • Attain maturity through the same life stages: infancy childhood, adolescence, adulthood & old age.
  • Need understanding, respect, recognition & necessary support systems
Free/Subsidized Education
Most of the children ofNavjyoti Manovikas Kendra are from underprivilized families. They are provided free/subsidized education & vocational training To improve their life with special thrust on music and sports as a part of their daily routine.
To make the learning more fun and easy we have SMART CLASS system where students are showed rhymes, videos and movies over a projector and are able to interact. Through individual Education plan (IEP), over 100 children are provided academic education (Functional Academics)
We are having a fully equipped physiotherapy centre. It is backbone of rehabilitation. Team of experts assess and plan therapeutic intervention, design special furniture, mobility aids, gait training and posture management.
Clinical Psychologist
Trained Clinical Psychologist from the reputed Nationalized institute assess and examines each and every child brought for admission.
Vocational Training
Vocational centre for several vocations like Chalk Making, Art & Craft, Candles & Rakhi Making, Garland & Envelope Making, Chocolates, Handicrafts And Painting. Children aged 18+ are trained in different vocations to develop appropriate skills for employment through persistent training in particular vocation.
Basic Computer Classes
Yoga Classes
Music And Dance
Play Zone
Mr. Parveen Sharma
Everyone has hardship they encounter in their lives but when someone with a disability is able to overcome all this and succeed, it is truly a blessed thing. Parveen Sharma is a twenty year old boy who suffer form low mental ability. His parents were convinced to admit him in the Navjyoti School. At that time his developmental mile stones were lagging and he needed guidance and support for his activities of daily living. He had no academic level and his world was limited to his home and relatives. Under the guidance and consistent monitoring of the special educators Parveen firstly mastered his ADL activities and learned little functional academics. His interest was more in doing vocational work and participating in games and sports. He was very fond of driving cycle and for that he persistently made sincere efforts to achieve proficiency in driving the cycle.
Initially he participated in cycle race and other sports activities at District level and won gold and silver medals. In August 2009 he participated in Basketball event at Barely and won first Prize. At Bhopal in November 2009 he stood first in event to “Power Lifting”. In February 2010, he participated I cycle race at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and won first Prize and from here onwards his name came in line light for participating in the team for International level. In June 2010 at Pondicherry and in February 2011 at Rohtak he again won first Prize in the cycle race and his final selection was made to Participate at International Level. From 20th June to 4th June to 4th July 2011 he participated in cycle race at Athens, Greece and secured 6th Place in the cycling 15 k Road Race.
Today, Parveen is economically independent self-sufficient happy boy and has become a support to his family. Presently he is employed as “Ward Boy” in one of the Private hospital where his work performance is reported to highly satisfactory.